Vintage VERSUS Antique & Retro


Vintage is a term applicable to a wider variety of objects, including items that may, or may not be Antique.

Stores featuring Vintage clothing have become very popular in recent years, but many potential customers are curious about the difference between Vintage, and just plain old.

The strict definition of Antique, refers to items dating over 100 years.  Produced before 1920, is considered to be Antique, worthy of collecting or displaying in a museum, but not for daily wear. As Antique clothing becomes rarer, these garments and accessories are frequently bought by Museums and Designer Archives.

Retro, short for retrospective, or "Vintage Style," refers to clothing that imitates the original style of a previous era. Retro clothing is a reproduction, or a copy, which is a newly made, but a very accurate reproduction of an older garment.

Clothing produced recently is called Modern, or Contemporary Fashion.

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