Vintage Fashion: clothing and accessories at least 25 years old – used garments with heritage, exceptional examples of period clothing, or clothing which still has commercial appeal, despite age, either commercially produced, or handmade by individuals.  Exceptions to the age rule surround High End designer gowns.

One-of-a-kind pieces by designers such as Halston, Valentino, or Mackie can be honorably considered Vintage after two or three years!

Wearing Vintage provides an opportunity to enjoy beautifully made clothes that are individual, a unique piece of history. And Vintage is environmentally friendly, because it is a Re-Cycled Product!

The older the piece, the more likely it will display indications of its age.  Signs of wear should be expected.

While condition is a main buying consideration for Vintage clothing, it is not as crucial for older items.


*Mint: As originally made, without flaws.  Shows no signs of wear, and may be Vintage New, with or without tags.
*Near Mint:  The item shows typical signs of wear due to occasional use.  Sometimes referred to as EUC, or Excellent Used Condition.
*Very Good:  Wearable with minor surface flaws, like light stains, loose threads, missing sequins, or beads, light colour fading.
*Good:  Wearable, and can be restored to excellent condition.
*Poor:  May be wearable, but cannot be restored to excellent condition, even with repairs.
*Non-Wearable:  Shows signs of heavy use, or improper care.  May be too fragile to use, however still considered collectable.

What Is Vintage?