Questions & Answers

  1. What is Vintage? 
  2. May I buy this dress?
    • The Short Answer: No!
    • The Long Answer: I truly adore these pieces, and I while I enjoy sharing them with you, these particular dresses are not for sale at this point.
    • Gossamer Gang will have a division dedicated to Up-Cycling vintage dresses that will be available for a fresh start in a new home!
  3. May I ask Marie Oubliette to choose a dress for me?
    • Yes!
  4. I cannot make a fitting appointment, but I still want a dress.  How do I choose the right size?
    • A suggestion in searching for an item, is to first go into your own closet and choose your favourite, best fitting garment.
    • Measure the key notes: shoulders, chest, waist, and hips.
    • Search the database through the Measurements Filter for your best fit.
    • Remember, Vintage sizes run smaller than current sizing, so just looking for your "size," may net you a less than desirable fit.
  5. Who makes these dresses?
    • Almost all dresses are Hand-Beaded.
    • Many garments no longer have labels.  Those that I was able to research successfully, have been noted.
  6. Are they real furs?
  7. What are your rental policies?
  8. Do you have Men's Vintage?
    • While not my focus, I do have a few fabulous Vintage pieces for men!
  9. Where is Gossamer Gang located?